Pascal JOUY

Gestalt therapist in Orne


Gestalt therapy places the emphasis on an awareness of how we relate to the world, on the here and now of each situation. This situation encompasses memories, past experiences, fantasies, unresolved situations, unrealised projects. The psychotherapeutic process in Gestalt develops awareness of the ways in which we distort that experience, ignore or refuse our needs and desires, lock ourselves into a repetition of old patterns, and deny ourselves the possibility of adapting creatively to our environment. Through this awareness, we are able to experience situations in a new way thanks to a new understanding and freedom of choice based on clearly identified aspirations.

Therapeutic interaction in Gestalt therapy gives due recognition to individual feelings and develops a coherent vision of the human being incorporating the emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social dimensions. Gestalt therapy involves an analysis of the here and now, of the way we are with ourselves and the outside world. It paves the way for more flexible and adapted forms of creative responsibility.

The Gestalt therapist focuses on the patient’s interaction with his/her environment and with other people. This focus on the patient’s subjective experience takes on board everything that happens during the session. The present moment is fundamentally the experience of interaction with others and with the environment. This encounter with the therapist frees up space for new experiences and mobilises the patient’s personalresources through a process of continuous adjustment. Restoring that fluidity is liberating, transformational and invigorating.

The stringent framework provided by a code of ethics based on the principles of confidentiality and a kindly, caring and committed approach establishes the feeling of safety and trust that is vital for any therapeutic relationship. This is the foundation for an alliance providing the patient with support perfectly adapted to his/her needs and desires.